Wallpaper FAQ

Wallpaper FAQ: 


But Katie, how will this work? 

  • Step 1:You order a sample of the pattern(s) you like, and make sure to include both your mailing address and email address with your order. 
  • Step 2: I'll mail you a swatch of FSC certified Peel and Stick Wallpaper. I keep a stash of these swatches here in the studio, so they'll get out the door quickly to you. This will measure approximately 12x12 inches, and they are easy to peel off, apply on your wall, and reposition/remove as needed. 
  • Step 3: I'll ALSO send you an email, with instructions on how to order that specific pattern, so you don't have to spend a bunch of time searching the site. 
  • Step 4: When you're ready to buy your rolls, you'll go to spoonflower's website (using the links I send you,) and make your purchase.  They'll print only the rolls you need.  Each roll is made to order (yay for reduced waste!) so it may take a few weeks from the time you order to receive your product.  Keep this in mind when planning your home installation projects. 

Can I still shop directly from your spoonflower site? 

  • Of course!  This option is simply meant to make it easier on y'all to find the patterns you need and get ordering details. Feel free to still visit my spoonflower shop and order directly from there. 

Can I order full rolls directly from your website too? 

  • Not currently. Right now I'm just offering samples.  This way if you decide to make a order of full rolls and need to make an adjustment on your order after it's placed, the returns process will be as simple as possible for you. 

I need to calculate how much wallpaper I need for my room.  Should I contact you for that? 

Is Peel and Stick my only option? 

  • Nope, you can order in 4 substrates: Grasscloth, Peel and stick, Prepasted Removable Smooth, and non-pasted traditional pebble wallpapers. 

What about installation? Any tips there? 

  • There are tons of wallpaper installation tutorials on spoonflower's blog. This link will give you tons of inspiration. 

What if I love one of your patterns, but want it in a different color?

  • I may be able to help. Send me an email with a link to the pattern you like, and a link to the color you want it in (you can browse paint company websites, or charts of hex codes for this.) Depending on how busy I am with festivals and my turnaround time on custom color requests may be a few days, or a month. If it's time sensitive, let me know that in your email too.