Notes on Framing

Framing Resources

Dick Blick-  This online art store is basically a maker's dream. It's actually where I buy most of my carving blocks and other printmaking supplies, and I buy art supplies for my kids there as well. They have lots of options for frames, but I like their Blick Wood Gallery Frames, and also their Nielsen Bainbridge EcoCare Frames.  

Frame USA- This company is my go to for affordable, solid wood made in the USA frames.  You can get just about any size frame from them, which is great if I'm trying to get something custom.  The only downside is that the Acrylic glazing they use in their larger frames is not always the best.  I've had good luck replacing it with glass I buy locally, or with high end UV resistant glazing if it's going to be in direct sunlight. I love the Architect Frames in black, and the Corporate frames in maple for a clean, modern look.  I also own some of their reclaimed barnwood frames - I've had them in my home for over ten years, and they still look great.  Finally, I've also had good luck with these metal frames in contrast gold.

Frame Destination-  This company is where I go when I want to upgrade my glazing.  If you hang your prints in direct sunlight, they could fade over time.  You can avoid this by buying UV resistant glazing.  These upgraded glazings are very expensive, but worth it in the long run if you are looking to protect your prints from the sun.  I like this product, which protects prints from both UV damage and has a "no glare" feature. I hope this information is helpful to you as you choose frames, I hope it helps you protect your prints for years to come!